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Marine ecologists to help rebuild decreasing fish stocks - 16th February 2006

Have your say on the future of seafish – 10th February 2006

Trawlermen fined for quota scam - 2nd December 2005

Fine forces skipper to put boat on sale - 28th November 2005

Devon trawlermen convicted of multiple fishing offences – 10th November 2005

Traps targeting illegal fishing - 10th November 2005

Illegal traders have £1m assets seized - 18th October 2005

Serious infringements of the rules of the Common Fisheries Policy in 2003 - 30th May 2005

EU sabotages protection of deep sea coral - 22nd November 2004

EU, Russia ban some trawling in Northern Atlantic  - 18th November 2004

UK Fisheries Minister welcomes first North Sea RAC meeting - 4th November 2004

Key UK fishing body contests science on fish stocks - 3rd November 2004

EU fisheries policy still unsustainable - 30th July 2004

Bid to restore fishing area to national control - 5th July 2004

Fishermen seek ban on EU multi-rig trawlers - 3rd July 2004

Deep sea fish stocks “in crisis” - 1st July 2004

Cod retreat from UK as warmer waters lure tuna and sharks - 20th April 2004

Minister to probe bass fishery veto - 13th April 2004

Commission proposes quotas for jointly managed white-fish stocks - 12th April 2004

Call for action over discarded fish - 11th April 2004

Fishermen furious at No 10 plan to tie up half of Britain's trawlers - 26th March 2004

Fishermen reject plan to slash fleet - 25th March 2004

“Dismay” at proposed fishing reforms - 25th March 2004

Fishing profitable & sustainable in the long term - PM’s Strategy Unit reports - 25th March 2004

EU decides to better protect dolphins - 23rd March 2004

Scottish fishing fleet faces more rough seas ahead - 22nd March 2004

Report to call for more fish cuts - 21st March 2004

Fishing chiefs slate letter on stocks - 1st March 2004

Fish concessions “not enough” - 24th February 2004

Watershed EU vote to protect dolphins - 11th February 2004

Killing time on a sea of desperation, UK dolphins are being slaughtered - 4th February 2004

Fishermen opt for high-risk policy in fight to secure future - 3rd February 2004

MPs back sea bass ban - 3rd February 2004

Fishermen poised for illegal action - 31st January 2004  

We’ll break law on cod limits, say trawlermen - 31st January 20004

Dolphin friendly net trials a joke - 30th January 2004

Fishermen in talks on future of fleet  - 27th January 2004

EU fish quotas dispute meeting arranged - 27th January 2004

Crew of trawler saved in fishing drama - 26th January 2004

Give fishermen all the facts on Pescado tragedy - 24th January 2004

Submarine was close to trawler before it sank - 23rd January 2004

Fishermen to defy EU Minister's snub - 14th January 2004

English fishermen to join Scots rebels - 14th January 2004

Call for Finnie to lead UK at Fisheries Summit - 8th December 2003

Ex-fisherman hits out at “insignificant” industry claims - 26th October 2003

Scientists still seek ban on cod catches - 25th October 2003

Fishermen's cod claims backed by new research - 24th October 2003

Fishing chiefs challenge EU cod plan - 23rd October 2003

Cod catch ban could kill fleet - 21st October 2003

Scientific advice confirms Fisheries Commission fears - 20th October 2003

Ices advises zero catches of cod and other fish stocks - 20th October 2003

North Sea faces collapse of its ecosystem - 19th October 2003

Dumped dead fish are marine pollutant - 18th October 2003

EU fisheries policy an outrage - 6th October 2003

Overfishing could spell the end of caviar- 18th September 2003

Anchovies abandon Bay of Biscay for warm British waters - 30th August 2003

Trawlers threaten ocean’s biodiversity - 30th August 2003

Cod logic - scientific fish stock control or economic suicide? - 22nd August 2003

Skippers hitting catch data collection  - 22nd August 2003

Fleet in crisis as fish quotas dry up - 21st August 2003

Fishing ban aims to save Scottish reef - 21st August 2003

Dolphin meat eaters in France? - 20th August 2003

Please help stop Scottish fishermens’ cruel “Guga hunt” - 18th August 2003

Fishermen turn violent as quotas force wage cuts - 16th August 2003

Blair’s Strategy Unit brands fishing insignificant - 11th August 2003

Fishing is irrelevant says leaked report - 8th August 2003

"Who plays by the fisheries rules?" - Commission launches public compliance scoreboard on the internet - 16th June 2003

Common Fisheries Policy Compliance Scoreboard - 11th June 2003

Baltic states meet to save dwindling fish stocks - 9th June 2003

How Greenland is helping wild salmon - 9th June 2003

Seafood industry support worth £5.8 million announced - 23rd may 2003

Drift netsmen agree to quit for the salmon's sake - 19th May 2003

52 out of 69 North East Netsmen exchange salmon licences for cash - posted 15th May 2003

Iceland vodka baron buys off drift-net fishermen to save British wild salmon - 11th May 2003

BBC  Countryfile fact sheet salmon - 11th May 2003

US warns EU tuna fishing could hit trade relations - 2nd May 2003

£3.5m fishing deal set to boost salmon river - 22nd April 2003

177 Scottish skippers apply to quit fishing - 24th April 2003

WTO: fisheries subsidies - EU tables proposal for sustainable fishing - 22nd April 2003

Conservation research boost of £500,000 - 10th April 2003

US wants tougher trade rules for fish subsidies - 24th March 2003

Illegal fishing by EU boats  - 17th March 2003

Prawn Boats 'facing same crisis as white fish fleet' - 26th February 2003

New group aims to scrap CFP - 13th February 2003

Minister agrees large industrial companies must be brought to heel - 13th February 2003

Galicia calls for ban to reduce fishing effort - 12th February 2003

Danes ready to flout new fisheries rules - 5th February 2003

Industry names price of tie-ups - 21st January 2003

Shetland poised for quota swoop - 20th January 2003

Ireland fights to keep out Spanish fishing boats - 24th December 2002

Blair to offer aid after EU fishing quota cuts - 23rd December 2002

Fishermen threaten revolt over EU cutbacks 18th December 2002

Ships in dock for huge whitefish haul - 10th December 2002

Serious breaches of CFP ‘highlight need for reform’ 6th December 2002

Executive slacks on building science case - 2nd December 2002

Fishermen warned to think twice before selling quota 29th November 2002

Net trials give hope for technical solution - 8th November 2002

“Fishing Stocks – The North Sea Crisis” - The Guardian - 29th October 2002

Norwegian capelin recommendations halved - 23rd October 2002

British fishing industry threatens rare dolphins - 16th July 2002

Equitable policing - 11th July 2002

WWF asks EU to let baby fish off the hook - 11th July 2002

Europe to regulate deep sea fisheries - 12th June 2002

10th June 2002 – Speech by Franz Fischler Meeting with UK Fisheries Associations London - Title -  “REFORM OF THE COMMON FISHERIES POLICY”

“Seafish” reports EU Fisheries Policy: Commission outlines reform to give EU fisheries sector a future

Common Fisheries Policy Reform - Cuts to EU Fleets

Faroese plant to be in full operation within autumn season - 23rd.May 2002

Scientists given permission to shoot dolphins - 25th April 2002

Poor countries hit by subsidised fishing - 18th March 2002

The Cod Rush - Canadian Museum of Civilization Corporation - 3rd August 2001

Community Expenditure Relating to the Fisheries Sector -7th February 2001