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Updated 18th February 2006

Ecological effects of fishing in marine environments - Archive (July 1989 to December 2003)

Man's impact on marine mammals Archive July 1989 to December 2003

Fish Free Week 6 - 30th December 2005 to 5th January 2006 - posted July 2005

Fish Free Week 6 - 30th December 2005 to 5th January 2006 - flyer and downloads

Economic Evaluation of Fishing Vessel Decommissioning Scheme

MCBI reports that fishing gear causes severe damage to marine environment - posted 19th May

Progress of Reform of the Common Fisheries Policy - Twenty-Fifth Report of the Select Committee on European Union - House Lords - 13th May 2003

EU's flower ecolabel celebrates ten years - 3rd December 2002

Grids rendered useless by storm debris - 8th November 2002

Commission releases new product ecodesign plans - 7th November 2002

WWF and Greenpeace denounce decision on irresponsible management of tuna fisheries - 5th November 2002

CITES Conservation Initiative to protect the Patagonian Toothfish - 4th November 2002

Norway Might Stop Cod Fishing- 1st November 2002

Federal Court blocks US Navy SONAR system - 31st October 2002

Military SONAR - A threat to whales? - link to Guardian Interactive Guide

Death knell - Naval SONAR / LFAS implicated in whale deaths - 30th October 2002

EU commissioner predicts total ban on cod, haddock and whiting catches in UK waters next year- 29th October 2002

Brussels issues another cod warning -29th October 2002

Fish companies seek referendum on EU membership - 24th October 2002

Scottish fishing industry faces collapse -23th October 2002

Killers tune in for tuna - 7th October 2002

Whales caught in the politics of netting - 7th October 2002

EU green law infringement rate still rising - -7th October 2002

EU's precautionary principle wins court backing - 12th September 2002

Keiko in urgent need for help - a letter from Paul Spong - 5th September 2002

Africa's lost fish - 28th August 2002

Summit: Restoration of Fisheries by 2015 Agreed - 28th August 2002

Tuna - Dolphin wars - Summer 2002

Smugglers are using tuna boats to transport cocaine - Summer 2002

Monitoring the catch of turtles in the Northern Prawn Fishery - July 2002

What REALLY happens to dolphins in the Mexican tuna fisheries - posted 17th July 2002

Foreign tuna fleet to be ejected - 15th July 2002

Catholic Earthcare Australia Catholic Church to Take Action to Protect the Environment 2 July02

Faroese plant to be in full operation within autumn season - 23rd.May 2002

More than 40 dead dolphins found in farm freezer - 15th May 2002

Sea lion kills force closure of squid fishery - New Zealand April 15th 2002

WWF report says tuna farming will strike deathblow to Mediterranean tuna - 11th April 2002

Natural toxin suspected in deaths of 22 dolphins - 23rd March 2002

350 Dolphins found dead on English Channel shores - 31st January 2002

“Let your voice be heard” ~ Article 1 - 2002

Campaign Poster / Flyer / Hand Bill to Copy and Display - 2002

High perchlorate levels in fish puzzle researchers - 21st December 2001

Beam trawlers are laying waste to the seabed - 1st December 2001

Experts baffled as dolphins forsake Moray for the Firth of Forth - 3rd October 2001

North Sea Fish & Fisheries - Strategic Environmental Assessment - August 2001 - 3.5MB pdf

The battle for West Africa's fish - 1st August 2001

Bycatch limits needed to conserve Europe's dolphins and porpoises - 14th April 2001

Dolphins find mine-clearing role - 31st March 2001

Net activism has the power to change the world - 11th January 2001

Nutreco tumbles on salmon dioxin fears - 5th January 2001

Pollution and lack of food is killing orcas - 24th August 2000

Keeping the Kingdom - Taipei Review - June 2000

Submarine snagged warps of pair trawlers - MAIB abstact reprint

The explosion of shrimp farming & the negative impacts on people and the environment - Shrimp - The Devastating Delicacy Greenpeace - May 1997