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Cetacean Rescue

Dolphins die in mass stranding in WA’s south-west - 4th March 2006

40 dolphins in mass stranding in WA’s south west - 3rd March 2006

Entangled humpback whale rescued in Hawaiian waters -15th February 2006

Nearly 50 apply for porpoise spotter jobs - 13th February 2006

Stranded whale dies on mud bank - 2nd February 2006

Helpers praised in dolphin rescue - 31st January 2006

Thames bottlenose whale died from multiple causes - 25th January 2006

London’s whale: Conservation aid?  - 23rd January 2006

Rescuers ready for Thames whale - 20th January 2006

Whale spotted in central London  - 20th January 2006

Finland to have two compulsory porpoise inspectors –16th December 2005

Entangled live stranded dolphin euthanased due to injuries – 12th December 2005

Australia and NZ team up to crack whale mystery - 5th December 2004

Heartbreak and joy in the distress call of the wild - 4th December 2004

Whale theories miss mark - 2nd December 2004

Weather blamed for whale beachings - 1st December 2004

Australian rescuers confident of saving second pod - 30th November 2004

Dozens of whales die after New Zealand stranding  - 30th November 2004

Tasmania - whales and dolphins strand on Island's death beach  - 29th November 2004

Poachers kill 'dolphins that saved New Zealand swimmers' - 27th November 2004

Endangered green sea turtle rescued  - 19th November 2004

Beached dolphin gets second chance thanks to Marine Mammal Center - 18th November 2004

Preliminary report says dolphin tagging 'low risk' - 9th November 2004

Marine Mammal Center's dreams come true - 6th November 2004

Whale rescue effort suspended - 22nd October 2004

Dolphin rescued off Zambales Beach dies - 27th May 2004

Dozens of stranded whales dragged back to sea in Indonesia - 26th May 2004

Volunteers fail to save 15-ton sperm whale beached on sandbank - 23rd March 2004

Beached sperm whale dies on sand bank - 22nd March 2004

Volunteers postpone rescue efforts - 21st March 2004

Female dolphin undergoes surgery - 11th March 2004

Researcher reveals fate of five released pilot whales - 7th March 2004  

Stray dolphins to be rescued from Tamshui river today - 5th March 2004  

Hector's dolphin and satellite tagging proposals - 24th February 2004

Three pilot whales saved near Taitung - 25th February 2004

Four whales saved in rescue operation - 19th February 2004

Divers and conservationists launch marine life rescue initiative - 7th January 2004

New Zealand Boaties prevent whale stranding - 5th January 2004

South-west UK strandings set to increase - 22nd December 2003

Second mass whale beaching in Australia in a week - 29th November 2003

Sea Shepherd crew arrested for releasing dolphins  - 18th November 2003

Porpoise latest patient at UNE 'hospital' - 25th September 2003

Rescued dolphins at Audubon Aquarium of the Americas - 25th September 2003

Tragic end to dolphin rescue bid - 1st September 2003

Pygmy sperm whale calf washes ashore at Melbourne Beach - Florida - 14th August 2003

Common dolphin stranding Almeria Spain - 10th August 2003

Search for whale is abandoned - 9th August 2003

Hopes to resume search for entangled whale - 9th August 2003

Fresh bid to free trapped whale - 5th August 2003

Tucson conservation group attempts to save whale - 3rd August 2003

Rescuers battle to free dolphins - 1st August 2003

Common dolphin rescue - Brixham, Devon, UK - 31st July 2003

Rescue team saves Twinkle - again - 15th July 2003

Dolphin dies after being rescued in Galveston - 17th June 2003

Diver lost trying to free trapped whale - 17th June 2003

Police save the day for dolphin - link to News12 Long Island  - Rescue report and video - 7th June  2003

Well intentioned “rescuers” of whale may have hurt effort to help the mammal - 28th May 2003

Three common dolphins rescued from South beach Studland UK - 27th May 2003

Stranded whale freed after stranding on rocky shore - 24th May 2003

Reef stranded minke whale rescued & released from Long Rock, Penzance, UK - 23rd May 2003

Whale dies despite help from a marine network - 23rd May 2003

Dead whale to get 'New Life' at museum - 18th May 2003

Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit - (CRRU) - Main Rescue Stories - link posted 15th May 2003

Brunei animal lovers guide stranded whale back home - 13th May 2003

Porpoise saved in Essex rescue operation - 12th May 2003

20-feet whale stranded near Muara - 12th May 2003

BDMLR’s Veterinary Director reports on harbour porpoise stranding - 10th May 2003

Stranded dolphin improves, but pilot whale dies - 3rd May 2003

Vets study rare whales -  2nd May 2003

Picnickers help free stranded dolphin - 29th April 2003

Seven surviving pilot whales start swimming, health improving - 22nd April 2003

Stranded whales get some exercise - 21st April 2003

Sick whales remain 'guarded' - 20th April 2003

Seven stranded whales in Florida being rehabilitated - 20th April 2003

Stranded whales in peril - 19th April 2003

Beached whale dies on South Beach - 20th March 2003

Whale dies after being stranded on beach - 18th March 2003

Pygmy whale beaches itself, dies - 9th March 2003

Rare Whales Rock Up At Walvis - 7th March 2003

Battlesbridge - Essex UK -  Porpoise Stranding 1st March 2003

Beaked whale saved from the Whau River - 29th January 2003

Wounded whales given fifty to fifty chance - 26th January 2003

Rescued whale recovers in Florida hot tub - 25th January 2003

Stranded whale is moved to heated pool at motel - 24th January 2003

Second rare whale found dead on beach - 16th January 2003

Wave of volunteers to save whales - 15th January 2003

Right whale found entangled off the coast of Florida - 15th January 2003

Dead Pilot Whale Lies in Port of Burela 10 January 2003

New Zealand battle to save stranded whales - 8th January 2003

Baby whale dies in Rockaways, New York State- 7th January 2003

Ailing dolphin euthanized after it could not swim - 7th January 2003

Heacham South - Norfolk UK  - harbour porpoise stranding - 24th December 2002  

Whales caught in the politics of netting - 7th October 2002

Eye witness account of a whale rescue in US waters August 5th 2002

Lost in the shallows, whales refuse rescue - 1st August 2002

Stranded whales helped to safety - 30th July 2002

US ready to ship sick whale home to Canada - 4th July 2002

British Divers Marine Life Rescue Courageous Effort - 22nd June 2002

Rescue of Sperm Whale in Netherlands - 3rd June 2002

Whale is Lifted by a Crane After Appearing at Barcelona's Port 22nd May 2002

Courageous Rescue of 3 Sperm Whales Report by D. Javier Moliner Gosálbez - 23 April 2002

Whales survive beaching on Kerry strand as 18 others die - 25th March 2002

The History of the Marine Animal Rescue Coalition UK - 10th March 2001

Survival of a Risso’s dolphin calf entrapped by fishing gear debris - December 2000

Rescuing the RIGHT tells the story of endangered North Atlantic right whales and efforts to protect them from extinction - The Providence Journal ~ Spring & Summer 2000