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Toxins in the Sea

Got Mercury - Turtle Island Restoration Network's mercury exposure calculator

Fisheries 'facing oblivion' - 20th November 2004

US study links more than 200 diseases to pollution - 14th November 2004

How dead zones affect fish reproduction - 13th November 2004

Fear of river pollution prompts seminar on mobile sheep-dipping - 10th November 2004

Wind farm environmental impact limited to construction period - 8th November 2004

Male fish producing eggs in Potomac River -  1st November 2004

Hong Kong dolphins lose the urge thanks to noise, pollution - 1st November 2004

Unregulated Nevada mines spew mercury - 30th October 2004

Mercury facts   - 30th October 2004

Wildlife at risk from inaction on water pollution - 10th October 2004

Government urged to act over aircraft pollution  - 4th July 2004

Tumours found on lagoon dolphins - 3rd July 2004

Danger alert from fillings - mercury from crematoria smoke enters food chain - 1st July 2004

Satellite surveillance to counter North Sea maritime polluters - 30th June 2004

Plastic bags cause environmental havoc - 29th June 2004

Will Caspian Sea become another Aral?  - 28th June 2004  

Marine pollution policy under fire - 27th June 2004

Reef crisis as coral cover shrinks by half in 40 years  - 25th June 2004

Air pollution from ocean vessels to continue  - 24th June 2004

Australian salmon death mystery - 24th June 2004

Study shows higher malady rate in lagoon dolphins than open water cousins - 23rd June 2004

Cause of dolphin deaths remains elusive - 17th June 2004

Signs of a cleaner River Thames or is it global warming? - 16th June 2004

Bohai Sea hit by two colossal red tides - 15th June 2004

Farming not salvation as tuna face new threat - 9th June 2004

Oxygen starved oceanic dead zones creating marinelife crisis - 3rd June 2004

Move fish farms onto land to control contaminants - 3rd June 2003

Pollution and land activities threaten our seas - 30th May 2004

Dolphin rescued off Zambales Beach dies - 27th May 2004

Waste management needed to curb pollution in bay  - 25th May 2004

Indian River Lagoon pollution could trigger human health problems - 24th May 2004

Marine Corps air station may endanger Okinawa dugong population - 23rd May 2004

California sea otter deaths were associated with brain parasite - 20th May 2004

Pollution kills native crayfish - 18th May 2004

Plastic particles surf polluted waves  - 7th May 2004

Beachgoers blamed for 29% increase in UK beach litter - 30th April 2004

Two more dead dolphins found on Florida panhandle beaches - 29th April 2004

Immediate measures needed to save oceans - 21st April 2004

Ocean blueprint expected to stir up a storm  - 19th April 2004

Mystery swirls around dolphin deaths, 105 wash ashore during March - 18th April 2004

Oil project is death knell for whales - 17th April 2004

Dolphin advocates seek moratorium on waste releases - 17th April 2004

Scientists suspect algal bloom may be cause of sea otter deaths in Morro Bay - 15th April 2004

Sick sea otters washing ashore, domoic acid likely culprit - 15th April 2004

Potential red tide cure may be worse than problem - 15th April 2004

Fighting the raw sewage pollution of Wethersfield Cove, Connecticut - 14th April 2004

Peace River could be environmental potential time bomb - 14th April 2004

Scripps researchers identify neurotoxin in San Diego seawater – 12th April 2004

Florida Panhandle dolphin die-off appears over, investigation continues - 12th April 2004

includes video sequences posted 28th September to 12th October 2003

Environment Agency - NO to UK wet dock breaking of US ghost ships– 9th October 2003

Council tries to sink UK scrapping of the US “ghost fleet” - 8th October 2003

EU scientists legalize controversial herbicide - 6th October 2003

Environment Agency faces legal challenge over ghost fleet - 6th October 2003

Developing nations are “set to dominate world fishing” - 3rd October 2003

New chemicals in Arctic’s toxic stew - 1st October 2003

EU softens chemicals bill, alarms green groups - 26th September 2003

Decaying salmon, packed with pollutants, dump PCBs in Alaskan lakes - 18th September 2003

Risk of toxic leaks by US ghost fleet due for UK disposal – 12th September 2003

Toxic 'ghost fleet' to cross English Channel - 5th September 2003

Pakistan fears major spill as grounded tanker leaks - 30th August 2003

Nordics, Baltics seek control Russia tanker traffic - 29th August 2003

Coastline closed to seafood gathering due to PSP toxin- 25th August 2003

How foul is that fish? - 18th August 2003

Coral reefs “will die in decades” unless protected - 15th August 2003

Fishing boat caught in Dounreay exclusion zone - 7th August 2003

Scientists probe death of whales - 5th August 2003

Toxic algae suspected cause of humback deaths - 4th August 2003

Gulf of Maine whale deaths raising fears of toxic algae - 2nd August 2003

Farmed salmon is said to contain high PCB levels - 30th July 2003

Greens furious at 'toxic fleet' plan - 29th July 2003

Rainforests of the sea ravaged by overfishing and pollution - 18th July 2003

Mercury Rising - EIA report mercury content of cetacean meat - pdf 379KB - 12th June 2003

European Parliament backs tough marine sulphur and electrical energy mix disclosure rules - 6th June 2003

American anglers warned to watch out for mercury  - 5th June 2003

A Sea Change for U.S. Oceans Policy? - 4th June 2003

Coastal Waters: A Pattern of Distress - posted 4th June 2003

G8 leaders pledge marine protection and clean water - 3rd June 2003

Ban -Hg - Wg demands Unilever halt toxic trade in mercury from India - 29th May 2003

Man-made chemicals are causing serious problems for wild animals - 29th May 2003

High mercury levels found in rain - 29th May 2003

Deadly sea toxin continues to kill California dolphins and seals - 26th May 2003

Packaged whale meat in Japan contains high levels of mercury - 20th May 2003

Sea lions and dolphins likely ill from algae - 18th May 2003

'Polluter pays' law one step closer - 14th May 2003

MEPs back 'polluter pays' law - 14th May 2003

Sea mammals infected with domoic acid toxicity are stranding themselves - 9th May 2003

Stop shipbreaking in Guinea Bissau - Send a message to Unesco now - posted 9th May 2003

Internet consult opens on new European chemicals law - 7th May 2003

The EU Chemical Strategy  - working towards a sustainable approach - 7th May 2003

Nuclear dump plan for offshore caverns comes under attack - 5th May 2003

New mangrove forests threaten coral reefs - 30th April 2003

Sellafield waste 'could cost Norwegian aqua industry billions'  - 29th April 2003

Test finds toxic salt (perchlorate) in lettuce - 28th April 2003

Japan’s whale meat exceeds mercury density safety limits - 23rd April 2003

Red tide worsening; manatees recovering - 4th April 2003

Puzzled scientists probe cause of California otter deaths - 22nd March 2003

US may dump toxic fleet in our backyard -15th March 2003

Commission uses precautionary principle to tackle endocrine disruptors - 14th March 2003

Sellafield radioactive discharge reports inadequate - 7th March 2003

US Coastguard deploys environmental warriors to Gulf - 7th March 2003

Cruise ships should not dump raw waste - 6th March 2003

EU Ministers Test the Water on Clean Beach Rules - 4th March 2003

Cruise liners leave marine pollution in their wake - 2nd March 2003

Tug of War Looms over Sulphur in EU Ship Fuel - 18th February 2003

Environment Ministers Call for Action on Mercury - 10th February 2003

Global warming may worsen mercury pollution - UN - 4th February 2003

Shell-led Sakhalin-2 to spend $5 million on whale research - 30th January 2003

Mercury and PCBs threaten ecology of the Pinelands - 27th January 2003

European water pollutants list delayed one year -  27th January  2003

Jailed Russian journalist freed early - 23rd January 2003

Robot gliders to watch red tides - 23rd January 2003

Pollution may explain testicle cancer - 17th January 2003

U.S. Military Lacks Respect for the Environment - 10th January 2003

Government’s green agency invests millions in companies that pollute - 7th January 2003

Sea birds drop radioactivity on land - 4th January 2003

UK says may dump more nuclear waste in Irish Sea after 2006 - 13th December 2002

Summary, key findings & table of contents of UN Global Mercury Assessment  December 2002 pdf

Germany launches world's first ship ecolabel - 26th November 2002

Global Mercury Assessment - UN Report 25th November 2002 - (pdf 5.5Mb)

Mercury migration - The fish that feed us are killing us

European Commission Launches Cleaner Seas Strategy 10th October 2002

Scottish salmon farming revolution that has left the seas awash with toxic chemicals 2nd October 2002

Black water devastates coral in Keys - 11th August 2002

Pollution endangers Baltic Sea fishing  - 2nd July 2002

Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) June 2002

Extreme Mercury Levels Revealed in Whale Meat - 6th June 2002

Jellyfish blooms could be sign of ailing seas - 6th May 2002

Health of our oceans a food and health issue - April 2002

Statistics relating to Toxins found in Coastal and Marine Waters - March 2002

High contaminant level Baltic caught oily fish no longer EU marketable - 21st November 2001

Pollution and lack of food is killing orcas  - 24th August 2000