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US study links more than 200 diseases to pollution - 14th November 2004

How dead zones affect fish reproduction - 13th November 2004

Fear of river pollution prompts seminar on mobile sheep-dipping - 10th November 2004

Male fish producing eggs in Potomac River -  1st November 2004

Hong Kong dolphins lose the urge thanks to noise, pollution - 1st November 2004

Unregulated Nevada mines spew mercury - 30th October 2004

Mercury facts   - 30th October 2004

Wildlife at risk from inaction on water pollution - 10th October 2004

Tumours found on lagoon dolphins - 3rd July 2004

Danger alert from fillings - mercury from crematoria smoke enters food chain - 1st July 2004

Plastic bags cause environmental havoc - 29th June 2004

Will Caspian Sea become another Aral?  - 28th June 2004  

Marine pollution policy under fire - 27th June 2004

Australian salmon death mystery - 24th June 2004

Study shows higher malady rate in lagoon dolphins than open water cousins - 23rd June 2004

Cause of dolphin deaths remains elusive - 17th June 2004

Bohai Sea hit by two colossal red tides - 15th June 2004

Farming not salvation as tuna face new threat - 9th June 2004

Pollution in river kills crayfish - 8th June 2004

Oxygen starved oceanic dead zones creating marinelife crisis - 3rd June 2004

Move fish farms onto land to control contaminants - 3rd June 2003

Pollution and land activities threaten our seas - 30th May 2004

Dolphin rescued off Zambales Beach dies - 27th May 2004

Waste management needed to curb pollution in bay  - 25th May 2004

Indian River Lagoon pollution could trigger human health problems - 24th May 2004

Marine Corps air station may endanger Okinawa dugong population - 23rd May 2004

California sea otter deaths were associated with brain parasite - 20th May 2004

Pollution kills native crayfish - 18th May 2004

Plastic particles surf polluted waves  - 7th May 2004

Two more dead dolphins found on Florida panhandle beaches - 29th April 2004

Immediate measures needed to save oceans - 21st April 2004

Mystery swirls around dolphin deaths, 105 wash ashore during March - 18th April 2004

Oil project is death knell for whales - 17th April 2004

Dolphin advocates seek moratorium on waste releases - 17th April 2004

Scientists suspect algal bloom may be cause of sea otter deaths in Morro Bay - 15th April 2004

Sick sea otters washing ashore, domoic acid likely culprit - 15th April 2004

Potential red tide cure may be worse than problem - 15th April 2004

Fighting the raw sewage pollution of Wethersfield Cove, Connecticut - 14th April 2004

Peace River could be environmental potential time bomb - 14th April 2004

Scripps researchers identify neurotoxin in San Diego seawater – 12th April 2004

Florida Panhandle dolphin die-off appears over, investigation continues - 12th April 2004

Stricter regulations aim to protect marine ecosystems - 12th April 2004

EPA administrator can override industry set mercury abatement rules - 12th April 2004

A risk hidden in fish, mercury contamination - 10th April 2004

Royal Balmoral Estate fish found to contain high levels of chemicals - 6th April 2004

Trolling for a market niche, smaller tuna has environmental and health benefits - 4th April 2004

UN agency warns oxygen-starved ‘dead zones’ in seas threaten marine stock  - 29th March 2004

Risk of trawler causing environmental pollution heightens - 29th March 2004

Government says women children should eat less fish - 20th March 2004

Red tide may have killed 97 dolphins - 28th March 2004

60 bottlenose dolphins dead in Florida Panhandle - 19th March 2004

Fish oil supplements may contain flame retardants - 17th March 2004

Dolphin deaths in Panhandle bay increase to more than 20- 12th March 2004

Human waste from septic tanks is fouling the Peel rivers, Western Australia - 7th March 2004

Massive fish death in Sebou river (Morocco) due to lack of oxygen - 6th March 2004

Animals’ Sexual Changes Linked to Waste, Chemicals - 1st March 2004

Tests find lagoon dolphins suffer stomach ulcers - 29th February 2004

Bush Plan to Cut Mercury Emissions “Dangerously Inadequate” - 26th February 2004  

Seals and dolphins wash up on Mexican beach - 24th February 2004

The Derwent, 200 years of destruction, toxin damaged Tasmanian ecosystem - 15th  February 2004

Pollution 'changes sex of whales' - 28th January 2004

Mercury fears with dead dolphins - 27th January 2004

Levels of toxins in fish continue to give cause for concern - 26th January 2004
Industry defends Scottish salmon - 9th January 2004

Scare over farmed salmon safety - 8th January 2004

Scottish farmed salmon the most contaminated in the world - 8th January 2004

Bush plan on mercury pollution called sell-out - 4th December 2003

Norway urged to reject oil plans - 22nd November 2003

Oil drilling gives cancer risk to North Sea fish, Norwegian study suggests - 20th November 2003

Commissioner Wallstrom's blood test is evidence of persistent chemicals - 6th November 2003

Agencies stand by as toxic US ghost fleet nears - 6th November 2003

UN donates £19m to clean up Russia's polluted Arctic shores - 23rd October 2003

Algae biotoxin studied in July whale deaths - 23rd October 2003

Dumped dead fish are marine pollutant - 18th October 2003

Antidepressant, oestrogen and steroids found in Texan fish stirs concern - 17th October 2003

"Deep Trouble" -The Gulf in Peril - Naples Daily News 15 part series
includes video sequences posted 28th September to 12th October 2003

Environment Agency - NO to UK wet dock breaking of US ghost ships– 9th October 2003

Council tries to sink UK scrapping of the US “ghost fleet” - 8th October 2003

EU scientists legalize controversial herbicide - 6th October 2003

Environment Agency faces legal challenge over ghost fleet - 6th October 2003

Developing nations are “set to dominate world fishing” - 3rd October 2003

New chemicals in Arctic’s toxic stew - 1st October 2003

EU softens chemicals bill, alarms green groups - 26th September 2003

Decaying salmon, packed with pollutants, dump PCBs in Alaskan lakes - 18th September 2003

Risk of toxic leaks by US ghost fleet due for UK disposal – 12th September 2003

Toxic 'ghost fleet' to cross English Channel - 5th September 2003

Mercury risk? Study indicates heart attack risk increased by mercury in fish - 1st September 2003

Coastline closed to seafood gathering due to PSP toxin- 25th August 2003

How foul is that fish? - 18th August 2003

Supermarket sales of illegally labelled smoked salmon exposed - 11th August 2003

Fishing boat caught in Dounreay exclusion zone - 7th August 2003

Contaminated salmon on sale to public - 5th August 2003

Scientists probe death of whales - 5th August 2003

Toxic algae suspected cause of humback deaths - 4th August 2003

Gulf of Maine whale deaths raising fears of toxic algae - 2nd August 2003

U.S. Tests of farmed salmon show high levels of PCBs - 30th July 2003

Farmed salmon is said to contain high PCB levels - 30th July 2003

Environmental cadmium can mimic the effects of oestrogen- 14th July 2003

UN Committee recommends new dietary intake limits for mercury - 1st July 2003

Activist group warns of unsafe mercury in tuna - 20th June 2003

Mercury Rising - EIA report mercury content of cetacean meat - pdf 379KB - 12th June 2003

American anglers warned to watch out for mercury  - 5th June 2003

A Sea Change for U.S. Oceans Policy? - 4th June 2003

Coastal Waters: A Pattern of Distress - posted 4th June 2003

High mercury levels found in rain - 29th May 2003

Ban -Hg - Wg demands Unilever halt toxic trade in mercury from India - 29th May 2003

Man-made chemicals are causing serious problems for wild animals - 29th May 2003

Deadly sea toxin continues to kill California dolphins and seals - 26th May 2003

One thousand Brazilian babies poisoned by mercury - 20th May 2003

Sea lions and dolphins likely ill from algae - 18th May 2003

Bite the dust, the pesticides in a healthy eater's shopping basket - 10th May 2003

Sea mammals infected with domoic acid toxicity are stranding themselves - 9th May 2003

Internet consult opens on new European chemicals law - 7th May 2003

The EU Chemical Strategy  - working towards a sustainable approach - 7th May 2003

Nuclear dump plan for  offshore caverns comes under attack - 5th May 2003

Kroger to add 'color added' labels to all farmed salmon, trout - 30th April 2003

Perchlorate contamination information and associated links - posted 30th April 2003

Sellafield waste 'could cost Norwegian aqua industry billions'  - 29th April 2003

Warning signs showing up in California restaurants - 29th April 2003

Test finds toxic salt (perchlorate) in lettuce - 28th April 2003

Mercury increases heart disease risk - 24th April 2003

Class-action suits filed against Safeway, Albertson's and Kroger over farmed salmon colorant - 23rd April 2003

Japan’s whale meat exceeds mercury density safety limits - 23rd April 2003

Mercury labelling of canned tuna urged by CA Medical Association and Advocates - 2nd April 2003

"Beyond REACH" European Voice Conference - Margot Wallström's speech regarding chemicals that impact human health and the environment - 31st March 2003

Puzzled scientists probe cause of California otter deaths - 22nd March 2003

Commission uses precautionary principle to tackle endocrine disruptors - 14th March 2003

UK food watchdog warns of mercury risk in tuna - 19th February 2003

Food Standards Agency updates advice on mercury in fish - 17th February 2003

What is the problem with mercury in fish? ~ Food Standards Agency ~ Questions and answers.

Statement on a survey of mercury in fish and shellfish ~ Committee on Toxicity

Ministry action annoys oyster farmers - 14th February 2003

Environment Ministers Call for Action on Mercury - 10th February 2003

Global warming may worsen mercury pollution - UN - 4th February 2003

Second National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals - 31st January 2003

Studies show Americans' bodies high in toxins - 31st January 2003

Contaminant Exposure in Juvenile Wild Salmon - NOAA Tech Memo NMFS NWFSC-8

Shell-led Sakhalin-2 to spend $5 million on whale research - 30th January 2003

Mercury and PCBs threaten ecology of the Pinelands - 27th January 2003

Fishmeal producers in Europe hope to end ban on use in animal feed - 24th January 2003

Robot gliders to watch red tides - 23rd January 2003

U.S. to test ocean fish for mercury - 23rd January 2003

California lawsuit seeks mercury warning label for stores' fish - 22nd January 2003

Total Mercury and Methylmercury Content in Edible Fish from the Mediterranean Sea

Pollution may explain testicle cancer - 17th January 2003

U.S. Military Lacks Respect for the Environment - 10th January 2003

Fish A Good Neighbour but a Dangerous Food - Jackie Alan Giuilano Ph.D

Government’s green agency invests millions in companies that pollute - 7th January 2003

France bans some oysters as oil pollutes coast - 6th January 2003

Risk to foetuses from mothers eating contaminated fish

Sea birds drop radioactivity on land - 4th January 2003

Toxic fish from Baltic make it to Australian shores - 2nd January 2003

Swedish herring delivered to Australian tuna farms - 11th December 2002

Summary, key findings & table of contents of UN Global Mercury Assessment  December 2002 pdf

Pregnant women have been warned against eating large quantities of swordfish - 29th November 2002

Fish linked to heart attack risk 28th November 2002

Worms found in raw fish have been linked to cancer 26th November 2002

Global Mercury Assessment - UN Report 25th November 2002 - (pdf 5.5Mb)

Mercury migration - The fish that feed us are killing us

Mercury poisoning - a high risk for up to 10% of Hong Kong high school students - 24th October 2002

Study finds increased mercury levels in big fish eaters - 23rd October 2002

Toxicity report identifies fresh farmed salmon as the worst of "the worst-case occurrences of multiples pesticide residues” - 20th October 2002

Farmed salmon infect wild fish - 3 October 2002

Mercury in fish may be linked to infertility-study - 24th September 2002

Sea cage fish farming: evaluation of environmental and public health  aspects - Don Staniford

Per Capita Seafood Consumption Declines 30th August 2002

Clean-up after dead fish found - 21 August 2002

Fish oils responsible for PCB contamination? 12th July 2002

Pollution endangers Baltic Sea fishing  - 2nd July 2002

Dangers in Eating Fish Contaminated by Pollutants - 25th June 2002

Extreme Mercury Levels Revealed in Whale Meat - 6th June 2002

Canadian study says farmed salmon high in PCBs 17th May 2002